quick quick quick!! Does anyone near me have this cable? I really need it and would prefer not to have to order it on Amazon and wait for it. It's only like $3 to buy on Amazon. Anywho, if you have it, and you don't mind parting from it, I'd love to come by tonight and grab …

Do you agree with Trump canceling Pelosi's flight?

Did you know that Betty White was born before sliced bread was invented?

This issue with header images and avatar images not showing up at all is still happening, no resolution so far. Any help would be appreciated. @Gargron @Mastodon

Remember that this government shutdown isn't a Republican thing. Obama did the same crap to the Republicans to pass Obamacare. It's a politician thing. Personally, it'd be nice if they all were put behind bars until they did their jobs, instead of being paid to do nothing.

Instead of cussing at people on the highway who are morons, I just scream "HODOR!!!"

I heard a mouse in my bathroom. Hopefully soon I hear a mouse trap pop >:)

Ok folks, tootsocial.com is now on its own server (which is considerably slower :( ) But this means no more errors yay!!! Unfortunately we're having a slight hickup with profile pictures, but posts are working just fine with pictures in them. Give me some time to figure out this issue, thanks!!! Sorry for the downtime

I officially don't have a job....until monday. Does that mean I'm unemployed? Party time? Hammuh' Time? HULK SMASH!! "Hulk sad :( " ~Sheldon

Due to problems with Diaspora REDIS Database conflicts, I have decided to put Mastodon on it's own server. i.e. FUCK DIASPORA SUPPORT! Anyway, you guys get your own fancy server, middle finger to the man, man!

Anyone ever had a side of their head and face 'tingle' like it's asleep? Super weird lol

@Mastodon @Gargron Using the docker image, do I need to change the redis port in there? I know I need to change the port that the mastodon docker uses too so it doesn't conflict with diaspora's port. Will I be able to configure docker to use the sql database I already have setup?

Sometimes developers really rub me the wrong way. Oh the words I want to say...I'M TALKING TO YOU DIASPORA!!! -_- ugh

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