Apparently I never cleared the passwords for my home computer browser?? I'm doing that now...but figured since I was still logged in, I would make an announcement.

It's not 100% official yet, I'll know in a few days. But I may be about to be offered a job opportunity that n…

Alright, starting my two month sabbatical now guys. Logging off. See you all Jan1

I'm weak. I've still never watched all of the new IT movie. I could barely get through like fifteen minutes of it, because I know me, I'll end up having nightmares, wake up screaming, and trying to find mommy and daddy's bed to crawl in because I'm scared af lol :\

There I go again. Forgot to eat lunch. Who forgets to eat lunch? LUNCH?! ....Me. That's who. -_-

After having lost Thorin to a stillbirth in 2015 at 38 weeks and Hope to miscarriage at 9 weeks in 2013 and SO MANY YEARS OF TRYING, I am beyond excited, nervous, sad, happy, ecstatic and scared that in a little over three months...I'm gonna be a FATHER to Griffin Thomas!! <3 :')

I got it! New idea for my halloween costume! I'm gonna dress up as Donald Trump and when kids come to the door for candy, I'm gonna scream, "You are fake news!" and shut the door. Then I'm goig to open it again and say, "I didn't say that. Here's some candy." lol :D

@Gargron went through and closed all open issues in github, good work.

Today: 902 open issues on github. FML.

🤔 I want to say I have something interesting to say...but I literally have no fucks to give. I gave them all to that old lady crossing the street right after I ran her over. She was so sweet.

"Excuse me, sir. Pardon me. I'm lost. I'm trying to find my way. Can you please explain to me, good sir, why you're being such a fucking moron?" 🤣

1984: We can't talk here, they might have bugs to wiretap us.

2018: Bug, order me some pizza!

I come strolling into work this morning, tired, all 'meh' in the mind, and this dude just starts saying, "Did you see they traded Ty Montgomery and Clinton-Dix yesterday?" Took me a minute to realize we were both wearing Green Bay Packers laniards. lol

Good job on getting your entire site officially blocked after I got three auto-follow bots from your instance. No one needs that shit.

I keep asking, and no one has responded....where can I find an artist who can make me mastodon photos for my site please??

Everyone, is now officially on version 2.6.1. I should learn how to read release notes, because there shouldn't have been a crisis if I had the brains to read release notes. Thanks @Gargron for pointing me in the right direction. Minor heart attack. It's midnight now, bedtime 🛏️

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