Too true lol, but I was the guy who would start bouncing with the rest of my body so now you have a flying flinging body hurling at your face. How's that for adulting? lol

Ah, sweet victory. Bye bye bitcoin scammer :)

Can I get a favote/like for my new awesome profile pic?!!!

That moment when you clean your very dirty glasses

@Gargron Is my instance supposed to look like this? Or am I missing something?

So a while back my dermatologist told me I have high risk of skin cancer. Because muh back looks like this:

[email protected] @[email protected] You've got to be FUCKING kidding me?!! I literally gave you my goddamn driver's license, you can see on my keybase that I have dns access and I've photo verified I AM THE FUCKING OWNER. LET ME IN MY FUCKING ACCOUNT!!!!!

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