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In the process of upgrading to version 2.6.1!!!

What's the chances that someone can create a mobile "messenger" app for diaspora, complete with encrypted chat, group chats, video calls, phone calls, and file transfers?

I don't think Trump can amend, change, or bypass actual United States Constitutional Amendments just with an Executive Order. And...if he can...God help us all (not solely because of him, but for any president after him)

Too true lol, but I was the guy who would start bouncing with the rest of my body so now you have a flying flinging body hurling at your face. How's that for adulting? lol

@Gargron Can you please add the ability to change the 'send from' email in site administration tools for the 2.6 release? I'd like to be able to change this without having to do so from console pls and thank you!!! ❤️

I find it somewhat ironic that everyone screaming how 'Trump has no respect for the Constitution' are the same folks who want to abolish another constitutional right: the 2nd Amendment. I get the feeling that no political party cares about our rights as much as they do their pwr

Why should I care about the Market, or Dow, or Nasdaq, or whatever??

The 14th Amendment can't be ended by executive order, neither can *any* amendment to our constitution. Additionally, SCOTUS has repeatedly reaffirmed that anyone born in the US is a citizen, regardless of parent's legal status; however, that does NOT give parents automatic rights

Ah, sweet victory. Bye bye bitcoin scammer :)

I know a lot of people really don't like Milo, but this is legit how I feel when dealing with someone who is "professionally offended" (i.e. offended every day about SOMETHING/ANYTHING/EVERYTHING) And Milo personifies this perfectly for me here. Legit <3

Can I get a favote/like for my new awesome profile pic?!!!

Interesting conversation today. Speaking about laws and rights in America, such as Obamacare. I made the point that laws & rights are amoral, so they care even less about your feelings as I do. No one should force me to do stuff I don't need or want, especially due to feelings

Today, we tested the new YubiKey 5C and Nitrokey Pro 2.

In our opinion, there is no reason to upgrade if you already use a YubiKey 4 or Nitrokey Pro.

We compared both security tokens several months ago:

Btw: YubiKeys are more mature and usable on Linux and Windows.

#nitrokey #yubikey #token #2fa #u2f #fido #gpg #totp #otp

RT @[email protected] BREAKING: U.S. to deploy 5,000 troops to the southern border, up from initial estimates of 800, as a migrant caravan moves north in Mexico - WSJ


I wholeheartedly HATE Obamacare for ONE reason: The government is FORCEING people to pay for something they may not need or want. Tyranny and socialism at it's best. On the matter of pre-existing condition coverage: I was always confused as to why that was never accepted anyway.

I really have to say how much I LOVE the fact that displays the error code in the bottom left corner when the site goes down for some reason!! Very very helpful!

I just don't understand. How can someone have SO MUCH HATE that they choose to grab a gun and just shoot a bunch of people? If you're that upset, just shoot yourself in the face and save us all the trouble.

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